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Ginseng and Royal Jelly Are Rich in Nutrients and Health Benefits

Ginseng and royal jelly is a powerful herbal medicine for boosting immune system, metabolism and blood circulation. Ginseng, a Chinese herb, is described as a perennial geophyte plant with a short rhizome fixed to a plump root. It has one stem that grows every year, a bunch of little white flowers, compound leaves and glowing, red fruits. Its root is the only part used for medical purposes. Ginseng is a powerful herb used to arouse many body functions, including lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, boosting stamina, relaxing the nervous system and arousing secretion of hormones. Above all, Ginseng is used to boost overall body immunity.

What is in ginseng?

Ginseng contains three B vitamins (B1, B2 and B12), fats, minerals, nicotinic acid, polyacetylenes, eighteen triterpenoid saponins, twenty S-protopanaxdiol, panaxans, choline and biotin among other elements.

Uses of ginseng

This herb has both internal and external uses. It has many internal uses starting with healing chronic stress, insomnia and diseases. It is also used by old people to eliminate body weakness and sickness. In china, Ginseng is used to restore balance (homeostasis) in regard to sexual, physical and mental activities. Since it contains substances like hormones, ginseng is used to lower cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, and depression. It is also very good at stimulating memory cells of the brain. It is mainly used elsewhere across the globe to alleviate effects of fatigue, stress, lack of appetite for food, and other related problems. This herb added to cosmetics like creams to get rid of pre-mature aging problems. When combined with royal jelly, ginseng can be extremely beneficial.

What is in royal Jelly?

Royal jelly is a white, gelatinous bee product that is commonly referred to as the bee’s milk. It is very rich in protein, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E and K, sugar, choline, calcium, iron, enzymes and hormones. For that reason, bee’s milk offer many health benefits such as restoring fertility in men and women, lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure, curing skin blemishes, alleviating arthritis and osteoporosis pains, facilitating pregnancy and fighting cancer among other things.

Ginseng and royal jelly duo

They both make a wonderful product that can be used to restore overall body health and fitness. It should be used according to the instructions of the manufacturer so as to give the desired results. The benefits to be expected from this powerful blend include the following.

  • Increased energy
- Ginseng has been used by Asians to rejuvenate the body for many years. Royal jelly is the super food eaten by the queen bee to be able to lay up to two thousand eggs per day. Living on this food alone, she is able to stay productive for a minimum of five years. The worker bees that excrete royal jelly have a very shorter lifespan compared to the queen bee — they live for only forty-five to fifty days. This clearly shows that royal jelly creates a power house in the queen bee’s body, and this is why she procreates abundantly and lives longer. Royal jelly is thought to revitalize human body in the same manner. A weak, fatigued person feels stronger and energized after eating bee’s milk. When bee’s milk is mixed with ginseng, the level of vitality is doubled.

  • Adds more nutrients
- By consuming an herbal medicine, containing royal jelly and ginseng, you can add all the nutrients described above to your system. By consuming just the two of them, you can get varied nutrients that you would otherwise have to search for in many other foods. The more good nutrients you add to the body, the stronger its immunity will become. If your white blood cells can fight back when disease-causing germs try to attack, you can stay healthy and happy.

  • Fighting cancer
- As we can all agree, cancer is among the most deadly and feared diseases. It is killing many people across the world and it materializes in different forms. According to the American Cancer Society, ginseng and royal jelly are not yet proven to heal cancer completely. However, the few studies that have been done across Asia and other countries have shown that people who consume the two ingredients have a reduced overall cancer risk. In addition, the findings have revealed that cancer victims who use the two elements have a longer survival rate than those who do not. The research is still going on regarding this matter.